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Functional !

It’s really like what they describe! I have lots of energy on day and feels really sleepy at night (Im a hard to sleep person). It helps my body to relax.

Keyyes review

Is a very good product

Best Collagen

I have come to love this product till I subscribe to it so that I will know I don't have to worry about ordering it last minute. So used to taking it everyday till if I do not take it, I feel that something is missing. Thank you Keyyes team.

5000mg Collagen with MCT Oil
Norafidah Md Yunos

Saya suka keyyes sebab sakit lutut berkurangan & kulit terasa lembab


I have tried few types of collagen but was never satisfied. And I stopped taking it completely for years now because I don't see any result. But when I started taking Keyyes, I see that my skin and I am not that tired so easily. I am in my 3rd bottles and am loving it.

Always my choice

Surprised with the gift and I fell in love with Keyyes once I tried it and keep talking about it to my colleagues too. Thanks

Well, i recently tried my first bottle of Collagen with mct oil.. While I haven't noticed any significant overall effect yet, but yet my skin doesn't feel dry anymore, which is a positive change for me. Yeayy. I like the taste esp when mixing it with cold water. Im planning to try another bottle very soon and am hopeful for even better results with continued use. Thank you for creating such a promising product. I look forward to seeing more benefits with continued use.

I can feel the effect

Have been taking on collagen vanilla powder since dec 23. I can say my knee joints is no longer as painful as before. I can easily squat up & down without assistance. I also started to try the Genesis 75000 product. Can't see the effect yet since it is only 1st month trying. Ordered 2nd box already as it says after 2-3 months can see the impact.

500 mg Collagen

Taste good with coffee.

Very helpful for person having joint pain

It works as it said

Immediate effect I can feel the energy level in my body increase after consuming it. After taking it consistently as part of my routine, I noticed my skin had improved and fewer wrinkles.

First-time review

I feel good & good taste. Reduce knee pain

Strawberry Collagen Healthy Skin Glow
Rozana Merican

I have just started taking the strawberry collegen. Like the taste. Too soon to see any changes.

Best collagen purchase

I’ve tried few collagen products before. Do far, Keyyes gives me the better results. Helps with my metabolism too

5000mg Collagen MCT Oil Powder

After consuming one bottle, I found a significant reduction in my joint and muscles pain. I am taking my 2nd bottle now and hope to have the pain completely gone. I have subscribed to the monthly purchase to make sure I do not miss my daily consumption. I mixed with my morning coffee which acts like a creamer with pleasant taste.

Better overall health

I love being active and after taking this product it gives me increase energy and better mental endurance when I go for long distance run.

Best for me

Best for my skin and I feel younger aleready

Anti aging solution

I take both collagen and genesis together. feeling my skin moisturise and more alert and energize

Good stuff

Might be because of change in my diet too but i do feel a difference in energy and mood

First & best

My first time taking nmn as i heard many good reviews about it... so far it help with my sleep quality and energy..


Bought for my mom and she said it help with her energy and memory


I feel more energise and sleeping better. Very happy with the results after 1 month

It works!

My daughter asked me if went for a laser treatment which i didn't!

CNY Golden Prosperity Bundle (2 Months)
Shelly Shamsudin
Join pain

After 2nd bottle, I can feel my join pain much more lesser and my skin become healthier. Thanks