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Am a happy customer. Had my 3rd tub now n realised how my skin becoming so much softer n younger. Had bad hiccups on my left leg just 2 months ago n doc did mentioned with this bad fall was supposed to be healed in 4-6 months.. surprisingly mine healed much faster than I could figure out why, perhaps it helps lots on my healing inflammation n joints. Also loving my daily morning coffee fix! For my age I feel great.


Too soon to give a review as i just started on the 1st bottle.

Helps moisturized, improve wrinkles and skin elasticity

I started taking Keyyes about one month ago. I can see improvement in my wellness and also my skin. I feel my energy is elevated and I rarely feel tired compared to before. My skin has shown improvement, from rough and large pores to supple, moisturized, and smooth. It is also important to drink lots of water, have a balanced diet, enough sleep, and be active. I think Keyyes is doing its job for me. I mix it with plant-based milk or water plus cocoa powder. Delicious with no weird taste at all.

nice taste

Nice taste and impact on mosturise my skin

Best Collagen ever

After trying for a month i find my skin feels more supple

So far the best collagen tried in the market

Though I saw many complimentary reviews how it helps on the joint pain, I didn't see any noticeable result for myself. My noticeable result was more baby hair growing and fairer skin. After trying out a few other brands, I like the taste, especially the new improved formula. The vanilla flavor is not as strong as previously hence it doesn't taste that sweet.
Hope more noticeable results can be seen after this second tub.

Great product, love it ❤️

No adverse effects, lesser acne!

I used this product for just a month together with other supplements. Overall I noticed lesser acne! I like the taste and how it blends well with my morning coffee. It's less hassle . However it did not last 30 days though I only used one scoop a day as instructed...


I have been taking this as soon as I received it.
Very easy to consume and I love it so much.
I am so interested with the upgraded one, so will definitely get it soon.

[NEW] 5000mg Collagen with MCT Oil

I'm on my 6th purchase and loving everything about this product. I feel energetic, it has helped me tremendously in managing my pre-menopause symptoms. My skin has improved significantly too... definitely my must have in the morning



Love it with my morning coffee as it keeps me very satiated well into lunch. Collagen also helps keep my joints limber and my skin plump and hydrated.

KEYYES Beauty & Wellness Kit (1 Month)
Yen Ong

Taste is so good! Hopefully will see some results soon!

New Year Wellness Kit (1 Month)
Yasminani Mohamad

Love the taste .. less pain on my knees, notice slight improvement of skin elasticity and complexion on my face after 3 weeks. Will continue..

happy with the purchase

nearly one month consuming my first keyyes and I am happy with the purchase. Taste good and even my friend complimenting that my pigmentation has faded a bit.

[Raya Sale] Buy 3 Free 1 + 1 Gift MCT COLLAGEN PEPTIDES (Fortify + Energy)
Nallina Dewi Thuruvan

[Raya Sale] Buy 3 Free 1 + 1 Gift MCT COLLAGEN PEPTIDES (Fortify + Energy)

Taste like vanilla milkshake

Before buying the product, I read through all the reviews and many commented it tasted so good with coffee. So when I got my collagen powder, that's what I did, mix it into my coffee. However I found that my coffee tasted weird, so I decided to just mix it with plain cold water the next day. To my surprise, it tasted way better on its own, like vanilla milkshake. So that's how I consume my Keyyes collagen powder now. I also noticed that since I started consuming the product, my skin is smoother and more radiant. Even my hair fall has been reduced.


I have joint, knee pain and low energy since last year. I am so glad that I found KEYYES. After 5 days of consuming, I have more energy and less knee pain now. I even recommended to my family and friends too.

New Year Wellness Kit (1 Month)
Absah Mamat

Love the taste. Hope can see result soonest in 1 month😄

New Year Wellness Kit (1 Month)
1 month after consumed Keyyes Collagen Peptides

my skin became glowing than before. I have less hair fall compared to few month before consumed this collagen. for me, to see the effectiveness of this product, you need to consume it consistently and at the same time practices regular exercise & healthy lifestyle. I add this in my coffee & yogurt to ensure i consume it everyday.

Less joint pain, firmer breasts

I jog and hike regularly and since consuming Keyyes Collagen for 20 days now, I have less joint pains and find that my breasts feel firmer. I have gained weight slightly too (which isn't expected). I have not noticed any positive change to my complexion nor any improvement in energy level, hopefully I will see/feel some results soon. Thank you Keyyes..

It's the first time use this product. I add it to my coffee every morning , it test great , after a week I have felt that my joint pain has been relieved . I will continue to use this product and will definitely repurchase , excellent product .

KEYYES has truly been a game-changer for me

I am thrilled to have stumbled upon Keyyes, as their products have given me a substantial energy boost and have resulted in a remarkable improvement in the appearance of my skin. Despite being 49 years old, I have managed to maintain a youthful appearance by incorporating Keyyes into my daily routine. The results were noticeable after my second purchase.

Keyyes has truly been a game-changer for me. Your products are of exceptional quality and have exceeded my expectations. Not only have I noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels, but my skin has also never looked better. I have received numerous compliments on my youthful appearance, and I owe it all to Keyyes.

I highly recommend Keyyes to anyone looking for high-quality products that deliver exceptional results. Your commitment to using only the best ingredients and your dedication to customer satisfaction is truly impressive. And also,I hope that Keyyes will consider offering better prices and more reasonable options for their loyal customers.

New Year Wellness Kit (1 Month)
Woo Siew Peng

T this is my first purchased and so far i find my knee pain improve a lot


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