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It works!

My daughter asked me if went for a laser treatment which i didn't!

CNY Golden Prosperity Bundle (2 Months)
Shelly Shamsudin
Join pain

After 2nd bottle, I can feel my join pain much more lesser and my skin become healthier. Thanks

Supplement terbaik

Ini kali pertama I Cuba bagi I ini adalah pemakanan KESIHATAN yang paling bagus kerana dapat rehat kan minda,badan terasa ringan Walaupun seharian bekerja. Penat sangat Bantu saya kelihatan cantik dan kulit SEMAKIN glowing

Joint pain reduce

So far so good especially for joint pain. Shoulder pain reduced a lot.

Received all in good order. Second box now. Pleasant to drink.

Keyyes review

I realise that i am able to climb stairs easier after consuming keyyes. Joint pains reduced alot. And slimmer tummy


2nd time order after tried the 7 days trial pack. Vanilla tasted strong as I mixed with black coffee or either my oats with marmite. This time I ordered 4 sets of 7 days pack to try for 1 months. U did noticed my nails become stronger. Yet to notice effect on hair growth or skin improvement. I wish it has individual daily pack as it is convenient to bring when travel or to work, instead of bottle.

5000mg Collagen with MCT Oil
Esther Prema Wester
First time review

It’s my first time consuming Keyyes.
The delivery was like super-fast. I am half-way through the first container, so it’s still too earlier to comment of it’s effectiveness.

Collagen with MCT oil

Good value for money and fast delivery. Tried it, taste very nice like vanilla.

Feel great!

Before this, I always feels my body aching and experiencing hairloss after each shampooing. I am 55 years old. After consume this product, my condition is getting better and my skin is improving .

5000mg collagen with MCT oil

Very good products

11.11 Shopping Saver Collagen Bundle (3 months)
Sheila Sivam Sivam

I have been using Keyyes since January 2023 and it has helped with my complexion, smoother. Less wrinkles too.
Definitely my knee joints, more manageable.
Thank you Keyyes

I like vanilla taste smooth in texture and mildly sweet compared to strwberry which is much sweeter . I ve yet to fnish my 1st 2 canister of this product. I ve noticed better skin texture on both of my hands with reduced dryness n wrinkles. Hoping to see more improvements. Pls make it easy for us to reach you for enquiries. I ve had dfficulties finding the answers to some questions that i ve for the product.

Great taste. Not sure if contain sugar. Will be better if product is without sugar.

My skin looks more radiant n I feel very energized throughout the day. Looking forward for next purchase

[Buy 3 Free 1] 5000mg Collagen with MCT Oil
Wahyuning Yurita Mohd Noor
First & best collagen i ever tried

This is the first time i tried collagen drink. My objective is to find collagen drink with the highest %, must be collagen peptide, must be the 1st type of collagen, halallll, and price is reasonable. Search pny search i decide to buy keyyes since it meets all my requirement. Turns out this product is very good! Packaging wise very simple, taste is good (not too sweet & very simple taste), ngam di tekak in which you can drink like normal everyday. In terms of what i can do to my body, i notice my nails got changes, last time it was so dull now shiny2, my skin also very problematic last time but now it seems to recover. And now i just finish the first bottle!! For sure gonna repurchase this once finish.

Try it, you won't regret it

Tried a tub of Vanilla and Strawberry last month and best believe the reviews - they are that good. The Vanilla collagen makes a fantastic creamer (I keep reaching out for it every day) while the Strawberry collagen is delicious with just plain water, oatmeal or fruit juices.

Got the special 11.11 bundle and may just keep coming back for more!

Good as per advertised

Really helped to enhance skin condition, pigmentation.

Love this product

I started consuming 3 months ago. First canister I saw the results in just 2 weeks.
I’m 47 years old , very active life style but I struggle with losing fats
on my lower abs. I suffer with sore muscles after every workout.
Tried the vanilla flavor keyyes and it worked like magic.
Now I don’t feel the muscle soreness as bad , my tummy has become smaller and my skin improved tremendously.
Now I’m on my 4th canister and will continue taking it bcos of
it’s marvellous results on me.


Frankly my skin getting better and a lot of people said that i have a very nice skin ..hydrate..and radiant

The best

I’m in my 3rd canister of this supplement and I’m so
in love with it. Since I consumed it, I’ve seen rapid
changes on my skin, nails, hair and most importantly
a tremendous change in my muscle soreness.
I’m an active gym goer therefore supplements like
keyyes is perfect for me. Will definitely continue
consuming this product cos it is the best !


Am a happy customer. Had my 3rd tub now n realised how my skin becoming so much softer n younger. Had bad hiccups on my left leg just 2 months ago n doc did mentioned with this bad fall was supposed to be healed in 4-6 months.. surprisingly mine healed much faster than I could figure out why, perhaps it helps lots on my healing inflammation n joints. Also loving my daily morning coffee fix! For my age I feel great.